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Car Locksmith In Las Vegas
   Lock Specialties Is A Trusted Las Vegas Locksmith Company Specializing In Car Keys And Automotive Locksmith Work. We Are The Only Licensed Locksmith In Las Vegas That Specializes In Car Keys, Meaning We Do Not Try To Offer Rekey Services For Homes or Business or Most Other Non Car Key Related Services, Even Though We Are More Than Qualified To Do So. Our Main Focus Is Car Keys, Fob Keys and Remotes For Your Car. Our Goal Is To Provide You With Professional, Fair Priced, Car Locksmith Services.
   Modern Car Keys Can Be Expensive, We Do Our Best To Provide These Keys At A Lower Price Than Car Dealers Offer and in Most Cases Can Get The Job Done Much Faster Than Waiting Around The Service Dept. Of The Dealership. We Also Offer Mobile Service To Your Location So There Is No Need For Towing Services In Lost Key Situations or Simply A More Convienent Option To Have Your Car Keys Made And Programmed.
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Replacement Car Keys
Consumer Alert
When You Are Looking For A Locksmith In Las Vegas or Anywhere For That Matter, Beware of Low Lead In Prices Like $15.00 or $19.00 Service Calls, Often These Are Unlicensed Scam Operations That Quote A Low Lead In Price Then Completely Change The Price When On Site With You. Make Sure That The Price You Are Being Quoted Is The Total Price For The Completion of The Job.
There Have Been Numerous News Stories and Stings Done On These Operations Around The Country, If You Do A Search - Locksmith Scam It Will Return Numerous Pages Of These Stories And Other Related Search Terms Covering These Scam Artists, And Yes If You Do A Search For Locksmith In Las Vegas or Las Vegas Locksmith or Any Search For A Locksmith In Las Vegas Related Term You Are Likely To Come Across Many of These Illegal Operations. The Best Way To Protect Yourself From These People Is To Do A Little Research, Even Though You May Be In An Emergency Situation, Locked Out Etc.(They Prey On This Situation) A Few Quick Questions Could Be Enough To Give You A Feel For The Type of Company You Are Calling.

1. Where Is Your Company Located ?

     If They Ask You What City You Are In, Your Talking To A Call Center, Probably In New York, Where Most of These Operations Originate From Beware Of This Question.

     Any Locksmith In Las Vegas, Is Required To Have A Physical Location.

     Does The Location They Tell You Match Any Address On Thier Website? Is There Any Location Listed On Thier Site?

2. Do You See Other Listings or Links On Thier Site to Other Cities And States Like Atlanta Locksmith, Arizona Locksmith, Etc. ?

     This Should Bring Up A Red Flag, There Are Very Few Legitimate Locksmiths That Operate Nationwide, and The Ones That Do Have A Local Location.

3. The City of Las Vegas and Clark County Both Have Web Sites To Check Business Licenses Among Other Public Records.

4. Associated Locksmiths of America Has A Find A Locksmith Search, Not All Legitimate Locksmiths Are Members But A Large Percentage Are.

     Just Be Aware That There Have Been and Are Many of These Scam Companies Posing As Locksmiths In Las Vegas and Most Other Cities In The Country And It Can Be A Costly Experience To Deal With Them. Do Yourself A Favor And Only Hire A Legitimate Locksmith.
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In Shop Service Available Very Limited Hours, Please Call Ahead For Availability.
We Stock
Cut And
VW Keys
We Cut & Program Lexus Keys
And Have Them In Stock !
Lexus Remote Key
Lexus Key Fob
Lexus Fob Key
Lexus Shell Key
Is Your Key Taped or Glued Because The Plastic Case Is Broken ? A Shell Key Is An Inexpensive Alternative To A Replacement Key.
Note About Shell Keys:
The Key Blade Is Molded Into The Plastic Case, You Can't Use The Key Blade From Your Old Key In The New Shell, We Duplicate Your Key On To The New Shell And Put Your Remote Into The Shell.
Experience Counts
We Have Many Years Experience Making Car Keys And Programming Transponder Keys, And Only Use The Best Programming Equipment Made By Advanced Diagnostics, Ross Tech And Other Top Of The Line Manufacturers, To Ensure Safe Key Programming.
T-Code Pro
Mira Clone
VW Keys

Lost Car Keys ?

Need A Spare
Car Key ?

Weather You Have Lost Your Car Keys And Don't Have A Spare, Your Key Is Broken or No Longer Functions or Simply Need A Spare Key, We Can Help. Our Specialty Is Replacement Car Keys, Including Remote Head Keys, Fobik Keys, and Prox or Smart Keys For Most Makes & Models.
If You Have A Late 1990's To Early 2000's  Model Lexus or Toyota And Lose Your Car Keys The Dealer May Tell You That You Need To Replace The ECU or Immobilizer Box To Get A New Key, We Have Solutions To Do This Job Without Replacing Expensive Parts That Can Save You Money.
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For Most US Made Cars
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Have You Lost Your Keys And Don't Have a Spare Set? Misplaced Your Car Keys or Even Had Your Car Keys Stolen And Don't Have A Spare Set of Keys For Your Car?
We can help replace your lost keys even if you have no spare key for your car and can replace missing keys on site at your location so there is no need to pay for towing services to get your key replaced.  We stock replacement transponder chip keys, remote head transponder keys and smart keys for most makes and models of cars on the road today and in most cases provide same day service for lost keys even when you have no spare key to work from,  or better yet, if you only have 1 key now get a spare key made before the day comes that you can't find your keys and realize that you have no spare key and need to look at getting a replacement key made. We can help either way, replace your key when you don't have a spare or duplicate your key so you do have a spare key to work from.