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If Your Car, Truck or Van Is Showing Any of The Following Symptoms You Might Be Experiencing  A Problem With Your Win Module
You Put Your Key In And No Lights On The Instrument Cluster Come On, Only The Mileage Shows
Your Key Falls Out Of The Ignition

Your Key Is On, But You Have No Radio, The Windows or Other Electrical Don't Work
You Put Your Key In And No Lights On The Instrument Cluster Come On, Only The Mileage Shows
When You Turn The Key To The Crank Position, You Get No Crank and See Bad Key on The Dash
The Fobik Keys That Come With or Are Used on Win Modules Can Go Bad However The Key In Many Cases Will Still Start The Car. If The Win Module Is Bad You Will Usually Experience Some of The Other Problems Associalted With Win Module Problems. Probably The Most Common Problem Related To The Win Module Opposed To A Key Problem Is When You Turn The Key On The Instrument Cluster Does Not Light Up Only The Mileage Shows on The Cluster, If This Is The Case, The Win Module Will Have To Be Replaced, Programmed To The Car and New Keys Programmed To The Module. The Old Keys Are Locked To The Old Module and Not Reuseable on The New Replacement Win Module.
If You Are Experiencing This Kind of Problem. We Can Help Weather You Just Need A Replacement Key or If Your Win Module Needs To Be Replaced. This Service Can Be Performed On Site, At Your Location, So There Is No Need For Towing To Get Your Win Module or Key Replaced.
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Popular Models With Win Module & Fobik Keys
2008 Chrysler 300 2011 Town & Country 2008 Dodge Caravan 2009 Dodge Journey
2009 Chrysler 300 2012 Town & Country 2009 Dodge Caravan 2010 Dodge Journey
2010 Chrysler 300 2013 Town & Country 2010 Dodge Caravan 2009 Dodge Ram
2008 Town & Country 2014 Town & Country 2011 Dodge Caravan 2010 Dodge Ram
2009 Town & Country 2015 Town & Country 2012 Dodge Caravan 2011 Dodge Ram
2010 Town & Country 2016 Town & Country 2013/14 Dodge Caravan 2012 Dodge Ram
Win Module Part Numbers
68241099AC 68241109AC 68241110AC 68241111AC 6241077AC 68241059AC 68241059AC 68241058AC 68241057AC 68241056AC 68241055AC 68241054AC 68241053AC 68241052AC 68241051AC 68241058AC 68241060AC 68241061AC 68241062AC 68241063AC 68241064AC 68241065AC 68241066AC 68200308AC 68241099AA 68241109AA 68241110AA 68241111AA 6241077AA 68241059AA 68241059AB 68241058AA 68241057AA 68241056AA 68241055AA 68241054AA 68241053AA 68241052AA 68241051AA 68241058AA 68241060AA 68241061AA 68241062AA 68241063AA 68241064AA 68241065AA 68241066AA 68200308AA 68241099AB 68241109AB 68241110AB 68241111AB 6241077AB 68241059AB 68241059AB 68241058AB 68241057AB 68241056AB 68241055AB 68241054AB 68241053AB 68241052AB 68241051AB 68241058AB 68241060AB 68241061AB 68241062AB 68241063AB 68241064AB 68241065AB 68241066AB 68200308AB CBXZR03HAA CBXZR031AA CBXZR032AA CBXZR034AA CBXZR03MAA CBXZR035AA CBXZR037AA CBXZR038AA CBXZR03JAA CBXZR03KAA CBXZR03BAA CBXZR033AA CBXZR03HAB CBXZR031AA CBXZR036AA CNXZR039AB CBXZR03AAB CBTTP57AAB CBTTP57AAA CBTTP57AAB CBTTP57BAA CBTTP57CAA CBTTP57EAA CBTTP57FAA CBTTP574AA CBTTP572AB CBTTP571AB CBTTP572AB CBXZR034AB CBXZR03MAB CBXZR035AB CBXZR037AB CBXZR038AB CBXZR03JAB CBXZR03KAB CBXZR03BAB CBXZR033AB CBXZR03HAB CBXZR036AB CNXZR039AB CBXZR03AAB CBTTP57AAB CBTTP57AAB CBTTP57AB CBTTP57BAB CBTTP57CAB CBTTP57EAB CBTTP57FAB CBTTP574AA CBTTP572AA CBTTP571AA CBTTP572AB CBTTP573AA CBTTP573AB CBTTP574AA CBTTP574AB CBA0K081AA CBA0K081AB CBA0K082AA CBA0K082AB CBA0K083AB CBA0K083AA CBA0K084AA 68292755AB 68292755AA 68257920ab 68257920aA 68063400AH P68105735AD 68257920AB 68105738AE P05026149AF P05026870AF P68064958AD P05026874AE 05026880AA 68257921AA 56046803AD 56046942AD 05026147AH 05026149AH 05026779AD 05026874AE 05026149AG 05026147AG 05026875AE 5026875AC 05026535AI 05026535AJ 68066725AG 05026533AJ 68064789AG 68137285AA 68066726AD 05026875AD 05026876AD 68210153AA 56046942AE P05026296AD P05026296AB P05026296AC P05026296AF P05026296AE P05026298AF ;68210153AB 68210152AA 68210152AB . P05026298AB; P05026298AC P05026298AD P05026298A68063400AA, 68063400AB, 68063400AC, 68063400AD, 68063400AE, 68063400AF, 68063400AG, 68063400AH, 68158217AA P68105735AD P68257920AB 68105738AE P05026149AF P05026870AF P68064958AD P05026874AE P05026880AA P68257921AA P56046803AD P56046942AD P05026147AH P05026149AH P05026779AD P05026874AE P05026149AG P05026147AG P05026875AE P5026875AC P05026535AI P05026535AJ P68066725AG P05026533AJ P68064789AG P68137285AA P68066726AD P05026875AD P05026876AD P56046942AE 68290866ab 68290866aa 5026874AE 5026874AA, 5026874AB, 5026874AC, 5026874AD P5026874AE P5026874AA, P5026874AB, P5026874AC, P5026874AD 5026875AE 5026875AA, 5026875AB, 5026875AC, 5026875AD P5026875AE P5026875AA, P5026875AB, P5026875AC, P5026875AD 68290854AA 68290854AB CBTTP57AAA CBTTP57AAB CBTTP57DAA CBTTP57DAB CBTTP579AB CBTTP579AA CBTTP57EAB CBTTP57FAB CBTTP57CAB CBTTP57BAB 68290856AB 68290856AA 68290856AA 68290856AB68210155aa 68068868AF 68066726AC, 68066726AD, 68066726AE, 68066726AF, 68066726AG 68210156aa 68068868AE 68068868AD 68068868AA 68068868AFP68210155aa P68068868AF P68066726AC, P68066726AD, P68066726AE, P68066726AF, P68066726AG P68210156aa P68068868AE P68068868AD P68068868AA P68068868AF
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Talk To An Experienced Locksmith. We can Give An Accurate Quote For Most Chrysler Locksmith Service Needs. Don't Pay A Service Call To Get A Quote For Your Lock or Key Work.Beware of The $15.00 or $19.00 Service Call Ads, There Will Be Additional Charges.
Lost Car Key No Spare Key?
We Can Replace Your Lost Key Even When You Have No Spare Key To Work From. Lost Keys Can Be Replaced For All Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Models, Including Remote Head Keys and Smart Keys. Lost Car Key Replacement Can Be Done On Site At Your Location

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We Stock Fobik Keys And Can Provide Replacement Keys For Your Chrysler, Dodge Or Jeep Weather You Have A Working Key Now And Just Need A Spare Key Or You Don'T Have A Key And Need A Replacement Key Made From Scratch.
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