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   Lock Specialties Is A Trusted Las Vegas Locksmith Company Specializing In Car Keys And Automotive Locksmith Work. We Are The Only Licensed Locksmith In Las Vegas That Specializes In Car Keys, Meaning We Do Not Try To Offer Rekey Services For Homes or Business or Most Other Non Car Key Related Services, Even Though We Are More Than Qualified To Do So. Our Main Focus Is Car Keys, Fob Keys and Remotes For Your Car. Our Goal Is To Provide You With Professional, Fair Priced, Car Locksmith Services.
   Modern Car Keys Can Be Expensive, We Do Our Best To Provide These Keys At A Lower Price Than Car Dealers Offer and in Most Cases Can Get The Job Done Much Faster Than Waiting Around The Service Dept. Of The Dealership. We Also Offer Mobile Service To Your Location So There Is No Need For Towing Services In Lost Key Situations or Simply A More Convienent Option To Have Your Car Keys Made And Programmed.
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We Have Many Years Experience Making Car Keys And Programming Transponder Keys, And Only Use The Best Programming Equipment Made By Advanced Diagnostics, Ross Tech And Other Top Of The Line Manufacturers, To Ensure Safe Key Programming.
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Weather You Have Lost Your Car Keys And Don't Have A Spare, Your Key Is Broken or No Longer Functions or Simply Need A Spare Key, We Can Help. Our Specialty Is Replacement Car Keys, Including Remote Head Keys, Fobik Keys, and Prox or Smart Keys For Most Makes & Models.
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Many Early Transponder Systems For Acura, Honda, Lexus and Toyota Did Not Allow A Way To Program In New Keys Without A Special Red Key or Existing Master Key In The Case of Toyota and Lexus. If You Lose Your Keys The Dealer Has To Replace The Immobilizer Module And/Or The ECU To Get New Keys To Your Car. New Computers And Modules Make This An Expensive Service To Replace Your Keys.

We Can Program Keys Using Your Existing Computer or Engine Immobilizer, No Need For A New ECU or ICU. This Service Is Generally Called Reflashing, Which Puts The Computer Back To Factory Virgin State. After The Reflash The New Keys Can Be Programmed or Synched To The Car. We Can Reflash ECU's or ICU's If Need Be, However, We Usually Do Not Reflash, We Use A Safer And Often Faster Method Where We Edit Keys Into The ECU Directly And There Is No Need To Program or Synch The Keys As They Are Already Put Into The Computer.

This Service Is Much Less Than A New Computer, ECU or ICU And We Come To You And Do The Work On Site, No Need For Towing.
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We Specialize In Replacement Car Keys But In Many Cases Replacing Modules On Cars Require Reprogramming of Keys or Matching Modules To Match The Keys To The System. We Can Provide This Service For Immobilizer Related Problems For Many Makes, Years and Models of Cars and Trucks. If You Have A New Unit or Need To Reflash The Calibration Files Into The Module We Can Provtde That Service As Well For Many Makes and Models. We Try To Stick To Immobilizer/Car Key Side of Things and Matching Modules Especially ECU's Is Part of Making The Immobilizer System Work.
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Car Immobilizer Systems
And Transponder Car Keys
Car immobilizer systems have been used since the mid 1990's and now are used on about 90% of the cars on the road. The basic system consists of a transciever ring (antenna) a immobilizer module (some manufacturers) connected to the PCM (computer) and a transponder key. There is a chip embedded in the head of the key that has a unique code. When the key is turned in the lock or the smart key is present the vehicle sends a signal to the key. The key then powers up using power from the antenna ring (there is no battery in the key on standard transponder keys and the battery in smart keys isn't necessay for the transponder to work). The key then sends a signal back to the car, if the signature matches the the car will start. Programming a duplicate or replacing a lost key usually requires special programming equipment, there are some exceptions. On some makes and models you can add an additional key if you have 2 existing operational keys and on a few only 1 key is necessary to add a duplicate or program a new key.
We have the equipment and ability to program the majority of cars using transponder keys.
Chrysler Skim
We Provide Flash Programming & Module Cloning Services For Many Makes & Models.

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Lock Specialties
Lock Specialties
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