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The Basics:
1. What Type of Key Does Your Car Use ?
Basic Transponder Key
Chip Embedded In The Head of The Key No Remote Button Functions
Remote Head Transponder Key
Chip In The Key As Well As Remote Function Buttons On The Key.
These Functions Are Separte, The Remote Is Not The Transponder, This Confuses Many People, It's 2 Systems Combined Into The Key
Fobik Key
Very Much Like The Remote Head Key, Except There Is No Key Blade, It's Simply A Shape That Inserts Into The Ignition Module. Also Some Models Come With A Keyless Go Which Is Very Much Like A Smart Key As It Can Use A Push Button To Start The Car
Smart Key or Proximity Key
Smart Keys Generally Allow You To Start The Car Using A Push Button When The Key is In Proximity of The Ignition, And Usually Also Allows Unlocking By Simply Having The Key Within Range Of The Car
2. Transponder System Components And Operation
There Is A Lot Gong On When You Simply Put Your Key In And Go To Start Your Car, This All Happens In Nano Seconds So You Really Don't Notice Any Difference From Using The Older Mechanical Key Only Systems. Each Manufacturer Uses A Little Different System and Components To Incorporate The Security Features of A Transponder Key Into Their Electrical Systems But Generally Use The Following Components:
Transponder Key - A Uniquely Coded Chip In The Key,  The Immobilizer Needs To Reconize The Chip To Allow Starting
Transceiver Ring - Often Referred To As Antenna Ring. A Coil Around The Ignition Incorporated Into The Electrical System. Transmits The Key Coding To The Immobilizer. A Bad Key Can't Be Read So The Key Coding Can't Be Sent But Also A Good Key With A Malfunctioning Transceiver Can't Get The Key Coding To The Immobilizer System, Causing A No Start Situation.
Immobilizer - Can Be Incorporated Into The Engine Computer, The Transceiver Ring or Be A Separate Component.
Indicator Lights - Most Cars Have An Indicator Light of Some Kind In The Instrument Cluster or On The Dash. There Are Different Styles of Lights, It Might Look Like A Padlock, A Round Red Light or Other Red Light, A Picture of A Key or Wording, Like SAFE.  Normally When You Turn Your Key On The Light Will Come On For A Few Seconds and Then Go Out. If You Turn Your Key On And The Light Is Blinking Then You Have A Problem With Either The Key or Another Component of The Immobilizer System.
Other Modules - Remote Control / Remote Start

Car Won't Start

If Your Car Won'T Start There Are A Few Things You Can Check To Get An Idea Of What Is Going On.
1. When You Turn Your Key To The On Position Does The Instrument Cluster Lights Come On?
If The Lights Come On Like Normal That Is Good, If They Don'T Come On Then The First Thing To Check Is The Car Battery, I Know It Seems Simple And Likely That You Would Already Know If It Was Just A Dead Battery But We Have Had A Lot More Than One Call About Getting A Key Because The Car Won'T Start Only To Find A Dead Car Battery. We Need To Rule Out Problems Here.
2. Do You See The Immobilizer-Security Light?
  If It Comes On For A Few Seconds Then Goes Out The System Is Recognizing The Key, There Is Probably Some Other Issue Preventing The Car From Starting.
Does It Flash Repeatedly?
Is The Light Just Solid?
Does It Come On For A Few Seconds Then Go Out?
  If The Immobilizer Light Just Flashes Then The Key Data Isn'T Being Received, The First Thing To Check Would Be The Key, If You Have Another Key Try That If It Still Does The Same Thing It Might Still Be The Keys But More Than Likely It Would Be Beyond The Key, The Next Test Would Be The Transceiver Ring, This Requires Diagnostic Equipment To Check, We Have Testers To Check The Transceiver Ring.
  A Solid Immobilizer Light Is Usually An Indication Of A Problem Beyond The Key, Not Always But Most Of The Time. Depending On The Car It Could Be A Bad Pcm Or Bad Bcm But Will Require Diagnostic Equipment To Troubleshoot. About The Only Thing You Could Try Without Diagnostics Is To Disconnect The Battery Cable For About 15 Minutes, This Can Allow The Computer To Reset And Possibly Clear The Problem.
If You Have A No Start Problem On A Transponder Equipped Car Or Truck Give Us A Call. We Are Not Mechanics But Deal With Car Key Programming And Related Modules As Well As Diagnostics And Module Programming Services