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We Are Experienced Professional Locksmiths Operating In Las Vegas and Most Southern Nevada Areas As Well. Other Las Vegas Locksmiths May Quote You A Low Ball Price Over The Phone Like $19.00 or $39.00 But That Is Not What You Will Pay In The End, It Will End Up Being Much More.
We Are The Locksmiths In Las Vegas That Quote You Honest and Accurate Prices Based On What You Tell Us You Need.
We Don't Offer A Low Ball Price And Then Charge You More
Beware of The Low Service Call Ads and The "And Up" Labor Quotes
Type In "locksmith scam" In Any Search Engine and You Will Get Numerous
Pages of News Stories and Problems With These Phony Locksmith Ads From Las Vegas and Many Other Cities
Lost Car Keys ? Need A Spare Car Key ?
Weather You Have Lost Your Car Keys And Don't Have A Spare, Your Key Is Broken or No Longer Functions or Simply Need A Spare Key, We Can Help. Our Specialty Is Replacement Car Keys, Including Remote Head Keys, Fobik Keys, and Prox or Smart Keys For Most Makes & Models.
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     If you have lost your car keys we can help. We receive calls daily asking things like do you replace lost car keys? or can you replace lost car keys? The answer for almost all cases is yes, we can come out and remake a key for your car. The next question is I think my key had a chip in it, can you do that? again the answer is yes we can do that, we replace lost car keys and program transponder chip keys on a daily basis. We offer mobile service to your location to replace lost car keys or if you have lost a key but still have a working key and want to make a spare you can schedule to come into the shop to save some money.
     It seems like when most people buy a car they only get 1 key to work the car. It's a good idea to have a spare key made and programmed if necessary as soon as possible, things happen, you just got a new car and it does not cross your mind to have another key made or you may think of it then get busy and don't get around to it, if this happens and you lose your only key it will cost you more money than it would cost to have a spare key made while you still have a working key. The chipped transponder keys can be expensive, however,lost car keys not only cost more to remake but can be a major inconvenience.
     If you are shopping around for pricing to replace lost car keys keep in mind everyone gives price quotes differently, you need to make sure that the price you are given includes the entire service. For example most car dealers will quote the price of the key and not disclose the programming fees and never include sales tax in their price quote. There are also many unlicensed people advertising in the area and they usually offer a cheap service call like $15.00 or $19.00 and once they are at your location caome up with an outrageous quote saying your locks are very special and the like, or not even have an idea of how to do the job you need done and want to collect their service call plus an inflated basic labor charge, this has been an ongoing problem nationwide with these scam operations posing as locksmiths. Our price quotes are based on experience with doing cars on a daily basis and prices are quoted Flat Rate which includes the entire job, service call, labor, keys and even sales tax is built into our flat rate lost car key service.
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Talk To An Experienced Locksmith. We can Give An Accurate Quote For Most Car Locksmith Service Needs. Don't Pay A Service Call To Get A Quote For Your Lock or Key Work.Beware of The $15.00 or $19.00 Service Call Ads, There Will Be Additional Charges.